Whether you’re relaxing by the infinity edged pool, playing with the kids on the sandy beach, or playing a board game by a roaring fire, the clubhouse is a gathering spot to be enjoyed by family and friends. For those that want to be more active, enjoy a good game of volleyball, football, or soccer at the Clubhouse. 

Guest Cottages
Our guest cottages are available for your friends and family to use and enjoy when you’re having a larger gathering.  Located just adjacent to the Clubhouse, they’ll also be close to the pool and beach. 

Water Sports
If the pool isn’t your thing, set out on the open waters of Cedar Creek Lake for an enjoyable time of skiing, paddle boarding, or sailing in the warm sunshine. 

Enjoy some quiet time, or take the kids out for their first casting lesson while fishing on Cedar Creek Lake or one of our five stocked private lakes. Bring your own pole, or stop by the Outfitter’s Post to borrow one - the fish are biting. 

If you are up for a friendly skeet competition, hiking and biking on our miles of roads and trail system, canoeing,  or the fun of the ATV track, the 505 Ranch on Cedar Creek Lake has it all. 

Polo and Equestrian
If you have the love of horses in you, come enjoy a polo match on our world class regulation polo field, or take your own horse out for a ride on the trails.