505 Ranch Club - Enjoying Summer at Your Lake House at Cedar Creek Lake


Have you ever dreamed of “summering” or living full-time on the beautiful banks of a lake, complete with breathtaking views, a wide variety of fun amenities, and a myriad of organized activities at your fingertips? If so, your dream has been realized in the 505 Ranch Club. Nestled on the shoreline of Cedar Creek Lake, the 505 Ranch is a unique community of lakefront homes situated on a large ranch. Life at a lake house at Cedar Creek Lake offers an experience like no other, combining the best parts of lake living andranch life. With only 56 private waterfront houses, the group of people that form this community is small and welcoming, so your family will fit right in.

Now that you’ve had a proper introduction to the 505 Ranch, it’s time for a grand tour of all that this community has to offer. In just a short 45-minute drive from downtown Dallas, you’ll stumble upon an arborist’s dream: a tree-filled, 505-acre ranch right next to a the fourth-largest lake in Texas. It can be said that this lake-front paradise is positively brimming with the ultimate experiences of a lifetime. 

The lake-side cottages at the 505 Ranch possess beautiful interior and exterior designs that make you feel instantly right at home. Complete with rustic yet modern furnishings, warm lighting, and a one-of-a-kind view of Cedar Creek Lake, upon first sight, you’ll feel as though your future oasis is calling your name.


Many residents love the clubhouse at 505 Ranch so much that they never want to leave. Here, you may find yourself lounging by the infinity-edged pool or engaged in a game with friends or family. Not only are board games a popular option, but even better, you can compete against your opponent right beside a hearty fire pit that adds to the relaxing vibe that is a constant at the clubhouse.


If you’re looking for a bit of exercise or a more energizing activity this summer, check out our football, soccer, volleyball games, or skeet lessons. You’ll easily connect with others in the community who share similar interests while getting a good sweat on at the same time. Being a part of a community that has organized activities is the perfect way to get and/or stay fit while simultaneously having the time of your life.

After you’ve worked up a good appetite, you’ll be happy to learn that the clubhouse kitchen prepares Saturday lunchtime cookouts. Watch out, the first bite may very well knock you off your feet!

Naturally, if you’re interested in life at the 505 Ranch, you’re likely to be a “lake life” enthusiast. Cedar Creek Lake is a spectacular spot for water skiing, paddle boarding, sailing, kayaking, and so much more. It’s also the perfect location for you and the entire family to cool off on a hot summer day. Conversely, when you’re looking for some time alone or a few moments of serenity, you can grab your fishing rod and take a solo trek to the lake. Additionally, the 505 Ranch offers the ideal opportunity to give your kids their first casting lesson in one of our stocked ponds. If you’ve forgotten your rod - no worries - just stop by the Outfitter’s Post to borrow one.

Yet another amenity that is certainly not lacking at the 505 Ranch are trails. You’ll find that it’s easy to spend an entire morning on our lovely, well-kept trail system that is great for hiking, walking, running, biking, or horse riding. There are several horses here at the ranch. Feel free to take a ride on one of ours, bring your own to ride, or enjoy a polo match on our world class field.

Attached to the clubhouse are our guest cottages. We can confidently say that your guests will feel right at home in these glamping-style cottages. They are the perfect place for your family or friends to stay when they come to check out your beautiful home while making warm summer memories of a lifetime.

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