The Definitive Guide To Glamping At 505 Ranch


It's time to ditch the nylon tent – glamping is our new favorite way to spend a weekend in the elements without sacrificing the comforts you can't live without. We’ve got your complete guide to creating the perfect “glampsite,” ambiance and all! Here are our five tips to make your glamping experience unforgettable...and give it that enviable Pinterest-worthy feel!

1. Keep it comfy by stocking up on soft essentials

Make your “glampsite” into the ultimate retreat by swapping traditional sleeping bags for cozier floor pillows, large quilts, duvets and tons of knit blankets. Give your tent a homey feeling by including these awesome linens you can find at stores like World Market. Add a blow up mattress or two for elevated sleeping spaces, but be warned—you may never want to get out of bed!

2. Create a campsite that goes beyond the tent

Pull together a few key items for an idyllic outdoor space perfect for reading, playing games, and general chillaxing with the family! Start with a solid base, either layering smaller stylish rugs for a bohemian feel or going with a larger, woven area rug for more solid coverage (a weather-safe outdoor rug is never a bad call). Add in a couple of comfortable seats, like these chic sling chairs from Business & Pleasure Co., or opt to hang up a few funky hammock chairs!

3. Upgrade the ambiance

Give your “glampsite” that warm, inviting glow (even sans a real campfire) with a few twinkling lights. Light up the night with battery powered LED string lights or weave in a few colorful lanterns to achieve “Pinterest-perfect” level ambiance. And don’t forget to pack a few Citronella candles to keep pesky bugs at bay!

4. Don’t forget the dining ware

Leave those regular old mess kits at home and pack like it’s picnic day at the ranch! Fill a wicker basket with all the necessities for an outdoor meal by stocking up on easy-to-clean acrylic plates, utensils and stemware. Keep your food fresh and refrigerator-cool with an insulated rolling cooler, and your drinks ice cold with stainless steel wine tumblers or a Corksicle Chilling Wand. Bonus tip: surprise the kids with a smores set to give your “glampsite” a nostalgic camping feel!  

5. Easy entertainment for the family

In between exploring the outdoors or enjoying a few of our fabulous amenities, entertain the fam with fun games everyone can play! Get some friendly competition going with portable games like KanJam or corn hole, or cuddle up under the night sky with a Guide to Stargazing. If you’re feeling like dancing under the stars, bring along a waterproof bluetooth speaker and get to boogying!

505 Ranch Club at Cedar Creek Lake in Mabank offers owners a ranch and a lake house along with all sorts of luxurious amenities. Think sailing, jet skiing, paddle boarding, fishing, a 24-hour ranch staff, and more—all while camping in picturesque, glamping-approved tents.

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