Spicing up Thanksgiving With These Not-So-Traditional Ideas


This year, we’re all about adding some flair to the holidays. When your Thanksgiving traditions start to feel tired and overdone, it’s time to change it up. Read on for our fun, new ideas that your family will treasure forever!

Switch up side dishes

We all love standard traditional Thanksgiving sides such as mashed potatoes and stuffing, but this Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to [try something new/shake things up. Incorporate flavorful sides such as ciabatta and sausage stuffingbutternut squash mac n’ cheese or bacon parmesan green beans. Prefer to leave it to the pros? Hire our in-house chef!  

Forget baking the bird

Deep frying your turkey can be a fun alternative to the traditional baking style. It frees up the oven for other dishes to cook and stay warm and takes much less time to cook. Plus, dipping the turkey into the fryer creates quite the Thanksgiving spectacle!

Serve up a signature cocktail

Play up the feeling of fall with your beverage selection and spice things up with a signature cocktail! Mix anything from a maple bourbon drink to a big batch of apple cider sangria. Gather up your friends, sip on some drinks, and enjoy the merriment in our clubhouse.

Take your time with the table setting

There are plenty of ways to add a bit of flair to your Thanksgiving table without breaking your budget! Dress up simple, white dishware with colorful linen napkins, stud the table with fall florals or add a pop of color with a fun, homemade table runner. Extra points for dining outside while enjoying a gorgeous view of Cedar Creek Lake!

Get active

After all that turkey, you’ll want to enjoy the day outside with the many activities 505 Ranch Club has to offer! If you want to hit the water, slow it down and take the boat out to enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving sunset. Fancy a land activity? Take a hike in our lush, unspoiled woods with the family where you can appreciate the nature that surrounds you. For the daredevils in your family, enjoy the thrill of four-wheeling on our 505 Ranch ATV track.

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