“505 is an amazing and magical place. It doesn’t matter what age you are – 505 provides beauty and serenity that is unmatched by any lake or ranch owning experience. We looked at every lake/ranch option within a 3 hour drive of Dallas before we bought in the 505. And we can tell you that it is a special year round experience with boating, hiking, ATV-ing, shooting, horseback riding and exploring. Everything about 505 is high quality from Bob and Doyal managing the ranch, to the club house, equestrian facility, and skeet range. And it’s only a 1 hour drive from Dallas, and only an hour and a half from our home in Southlake.”
- Augusto and Elan S.

“Buying our lots at 505 never fails to make us thankful we held true to the desires that started our quest for finding 'the perfect' lake property. Along the way, we saw other properties with appeal; great amenities, beauty, strong sense of community etc. But none had the full range of what we sought. Only at 505 were we able to find all those things along with our main desire: escaping the city to enjoy solitude and family time, where we can have coffee on the porch in our pj’s and enjoy cherished family time in the privacy of our own space. We get to choose! Hang with just our crew or mingle in the community! We consider 505 the best of both worlds with a ranch to call home as our bonus!”
- Ken and Lisa B.

"Time usually goes so fast when I'm with my children. Here, it stands still. I can watch them as they track an animal, ride horses, build a fort, or collect rocks. This is our gathering place, where we can all come closer together."
- Roger and Michelle J.

“I was looking for a first class place to accommodate our horses, as well as an escape from the city offering great water access and year-round fun for my family. We found the 505 to be unique in its serene 500-acre ranch on the lake, with incomparable ease of access - 45 minutes from our home and a quick 3-minute drive from the highway through beautiful pastures to the entrance. I thought it was impossible to have a quiet, private ranch with large home sites on the water, equestrian facilities, a clubhouse, and guest cottages, but I found it all at the 505. Not to mention the infinity pool, skeet shooting range, four wheeling trails, camping grounds, and fishing ponds that someone else manages for me.”
- Phin S.

“We were looking for a place on the water, but wanted more than a “lake house” which we already owned on Lake Conroe. The beautiful 505 with its skeet shooting range, horseback riding, ATV trails, club house, guest houses, fishing ponds, and 400+ acres of community property exceeded our expectations, especially with the limited number of homes to be built. Our children and grandchildren (7 to 17) love going to 505 with us. There is always something to do, including relax. The accessibility to Dallas has made it easy for them to go back to town for a game in the morning and return to 505 that afternoon. We all love 505.”
- John and Sheron D.