Build your dream home on the water.

Lots start at $400k and range from 1.1 to 1.5 acres.



“Buying our lots at 505 never fails to make us thankful we held true to the desires that started our quest for finding ‘the perfect’ lake property. Along the way, we saw other properties with appeal; great amenities, beauty, strong sense of community etc. But none had the full range of what we sought. Only at 505 were we able to find all those things along with our main desire: escaping the city to enjoy solitude and family time, where we can have coffee on the porch in our pj’s and enjoy cherished family time in the privacy of our own space. We get to choose! Hang with just our crew or mingle in the community! We consider 505 the best of both worlds with a ranch to call home as our bonus!”



Find the perfect lake property.

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Available properties in white.

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